kirkland, Qc
family reading room


The goal for this space was to create a comfortable living / dining room for a family of 4. We opened up the walls from the dining room to the living room to create an open concept into a larger, cohesive space. In the evenings, the family enjoys reading together and this room was also a space for working from home. Central to these tasks was lighting and storing unsightly appliance cables. So we moved the ceiling light to the center of the living room and added table and floor lamps for maximum light for reading. Closed floating storage under the TV was installed to hide video games, device cords and chargers. They needed more seating for the whole family,
so instead of the two-seater futon they had, we instead went for two sofas with ample room for six. Quality time together and being face to face were also high on their wishlist. We therefore opted for a symmetrical look with the two sofas facing each other for maximum conviviality. Reading light. A closed floating media unit under the TV was installed, where they could hide video games, device cords, chargers and anything else they didn’t want to display. They needed more seating for the whole family so from the two seater futon they had, we went for two sofas with ample room for six instead!

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