5 Ways Design Benefits Everyone

1. Creating a relaxing environment

A balanced and comfortable room design creates a place where you can unwind. Where furniture is placed and the right spacing around it will contribute to a feeling of openness, and will prevent the room from feeling tight and cramped. Proportion is key, and designers can easily determine the right-sized pieces that will fit nicely in the space. Everything from wall colors, fabrics, flooring to what’s on the ceiling can all attribute to the design of a room that’s easy on the eyes.

2. Composing a functional space

A designer plans out a room to suit your lifestyle best; with your needs and functionality in mind. They can rework your layout with the different needs and the different ways you will be using that space. If your living room needs to be multi-functional; with a space to watch TV, a separate quiet space to read or maybe a space to work or work-out, an interior designer can make it so all these activities can be easily done in that one space. Designers design with the question, for each item we suggest; does it have a purpose and does it fulfil the overall need of the client? They find the perfect balance between decor and clutter.

3. Organization

Bringing order with storage solutions creates a place for everything and relieves stress. Maybe you have kids and the living room sometimes turns into their playground with toys, drawings and crayons in every corner. Or your home office feels chaotic with documents, bills, electronic devices and cables laying around. Or no matter how you re-organize the closet, there still doesn’t seem to be enough storage for all your accessories and clothes. A designer will find solutions for your storage needs so when the time comes, you can easily find what you need and everything can be out of sight; out of mind.

4. Creating a healthy and safe space

From safety codes, elements such as kid-friendly furniture, to practical solutions that will benefit you in your golden years, designers can incorporate it all. Timeless design, with health and safety in mind, can remain throughout different life stages. With young kids, we can avoid sharp edges like glass-top tables and select items with a good quality finish that’s easy to clean. For our young at heart clients they can suggest, for example, a kitchen design with mechanisms and drawers. The contents of your cabinet comes out to you, instead of you having to go on all fours and dig for what you need, which might cause neck or back pain. Interior designers are trained to know and implement safety codes, so you can have peace of mind.

5. Making a space for everyone

A space that both increases quality family time, and that tends to each person individually, will enhance the comfort for everyone. A thought-out space in the family room for your pet can make sure your furry friend is comfy and has their own space. Maybe a space where your kids can practice an instrument, or a hobby, can be integrated while still being able to interact with the rest of the family. A space for you to unwind and a space for your partner to work (or maybe watch sports) side by side can all be achieved together, with the right design. A space where everyone can do what they want to do; together, creates a great dynamic!

To recap; working with a designer can help create a space that is relaxing, functional, organized, safe and that tends to each person’s individual needs, which all contributes to an overall well-being and an improved quality of life. (All while achieving a space that you and your family can love, of course!)

Author: Allison R.

Principal Designer/Owner of AR Design

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